Twitter Racing Friday’s – The “How to” Guide

@MotorsportsTube Winner of week 2 wins by a wheel in a photo finish.

We Tweeters have become a little bored with the #ff on Twitter. So on April 28th 2012 we started Twitter Racing Friday’s #TRF.

I have laughed. I am not talking a chuckle, or a snort or a giggle, I am talking about riotous laughter that has made heads turn and look at me on my phone and has left me owing my employer a few extra hours! What is really cool about this race, is you can also see others laughing hysterically too.

On Friday, we race cars/vehicles on Twitter. Join us. You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed to ROFL! AND increase your followers. 3rd week @DerrickDodgeChrysler added 15-20 new followers! As this race grows, so will your followers. Last week @MotorsportsTube feel asleep at the Twitter wheel, crashed & still won by a rolling tire. @DerrickDodgeChrysler demanded a photo finish as their Transformer was hot on @MotorsportsTube’s tail!

How to enter Twitter Racing Friday’s #TRF:

Follow @toplessdrivers to keep informed on that week’s news and information about Twitter Racing Friday’s.

What to do before Twitter Racing Friday:

During the week, find a picture of a car/vehicle. Any car/vehicle. You will discover, that the more zany your choice, the more fun you will have.

What to do on Friday morning before 12 noon:

Friday morning before 12 noon, enter race by posting the picture of the car you will be racing on Twitter for the day. You can highlight some of its racing features or tweet why you chose that ride. This is the Twitter Racing Parade. Note: Twitter Track ruling:  You are only allowed one car/vehicle per Friday and “no” you cannot enter a Jet!!! But Transformers are most certainly welcome.

How does Twitter Racing Friday’s start?

@ziggy6897 Winner May 11th in the Taxi from the movie The 5th Element.

Twitter Racing Friday’s starts at 12 noon every Friday. It’s a verbal/virtual car/vehicle race on Twitter. An example of what you can tweet is; “I am winning – catch me if you can” , I have crashed – MEDIC!”,  ” My car has super powers i.e. invisibility” which @motorsportstube is the master of this technology. “NOS into the lead” ,”I am just stopping for lunch” (sometimes necessary), “I am firing super rockets & take out (name #TRF opponent here). Think Mario Kart but you only have 140 characters to describe what you are doing in the race. If you are not sure you wish to enter yet, you can watch by following #TRF to see how it is done. Just to let you know that I got stuck in the mud last week (my car was boring) and hailed @ziggy6897 because he was driving the taxi from The 5th Element. We then picked up @AnnMcAdams because she had wine, and the three of us finished the race together! (Taxi,Taxi lalalalala!)

How to win Twitter Racing Friday’s?

The #TRF winner is last tweet before 5pm Friday evening. There are prizes. A bunch of new followers,  bragging rights and some surprises depending on who wins and how they win.

Twitter Racing Friday Fans

If you do not wish to enter but would like to watch the race follow #TRF. We encourage you to look at the car/vehicle entries before the race starts at 12 noon and choose your favourite and FOLLOW that #TRF Driver for the duration of the race. We like #TRF FAN FOLLOWERS. Cheering is encouraged and welcomed! Some drivers are pathetic and need all the encouragement they can get! That is strictly my opinion as clearly, I always have the best car????

Why get involved?

Do you want more followers & the opportunity to ROFL? Do you want to do something different on Twitter than just #ff? Then race with us. You will not be disappointed. I almost passed a french fry out my nose last week from laughing so hard.

What are the rules?

This race is in its infancy and every week we are learning and enhancing the race. We do ask for the race to be kept verbally clean & fun. Race abusers will be blocked. It is just a bit of racing fun with a purpose of having a good time and to meet new followers.

Twitter Racing Friday’s Future:

We will be adding race locations and as I am the #TRF Master, basically I can do whatever I want! But be warned, there will be rulings on the #TRF track such as, obstacles, food and challenges. So watch out for my #TRF speed bumps, fire bombs and ice cream trucks!

Twitter Racing Friday’s Scoreboard – Where will the results be posted?

#TRF winners will be posted here every week on This will include a photo of your car, website/facebook address (if you want) and any other race logistics that occur on the day i.e. increase in followers etc.

Twitter Racing Friday’s is a true test of your wit, wits, tweets, car choice, driving skills and will make you ROFL! Recommend you have a tissue at the ready!

Any questions?



3 thoughts on “#TRF

  1. This was a fun Friday on twitter!! Didn’t know what was going on at first but still had fun laughing at everyone!

    Posted by Ann Mcadams | May 13, 2012, 7:23 pm
    • I am so glad you joined us. It’s a really great witty crowd and so much fun. I am so looking forward to Friday. I would like to win for a change, so must go find a car! Spread the word my new #TwitterRacingFriend!

      Posted by toplessdriver | May 13, 2012, 7:35 pm


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Twitter Racing Fridays - Join us. May 18th Winner @ziggy6897 with his Taxi from the 5th Element

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