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How to enter Twitter Racing Fridays #TRF

RACE & LAUGH ON TWITTER We Jeepers have got a little bored with the #ff on Twitter. So five weeks ago we started the Twitter Friday Car Race. I have laughed. I am not talking a chuckle, or a snort or a giggle, I am talking about riotous laughter that has made heads turn and … Continue reading

Jeep Problems

Airflow to the Hairflow The topless season is upon us and the quest for what to do with the hair begins. So far this season, which has only just begun, I started with a teal girls style baseball cap. It didn’t match anything, so I went and bought a new hat for $50. This hat … Continue reading

My Favourite Place to Read

When you have children, upon birth, many instant qualifications come with this new responsibility. Children do not come with manuals, but they do inspire instant personal qualifications in hair cutting, singing, audiobook practice, Masterchef, confrontation, nursing, counseling, psychiatry, teaching,  project planning, event organizing, washing and cleaning (which I consider an art never mastered) and many … Continue reading

Herr Bieber

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Ok – SHOOT ME! I heard this song on the radio and now I like it. I have kids. They sing things in the car. They say “Turn it up Mom”. After a while, when they are not on for the ride and these songs come on, I am now singing … Continue reading

Steaming Puke!

Puking in the Jeep I got a call from school at lunch time from my young son who said he was not feeling well and could I pick him up. My hesitation came from this son being the son that maneuvers me. Get’s a day off here and there and me falling for it every … Continue reading

Bachelor Bashing Mondays

Final Chapter: I have nothing to say except that Mr Ben lost. The media have bashed him to bits. No “winning” for this less than one and a half man. He has made his bed and many of us would never sleep in it. Dump the girl and buy the Jeep. At least then, someone … Continue reading


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Twitter Racing Fridays - Join us. May 18th Winner @ziggy6897 with his Taxi from the 5th Element