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Topless in London: Episode 2

So Right, Right, Right! Two days of driving on the “left, left, left and finally destination reached. I would like to thank a “crackin” GPS  – my iPhriend’s new BFF. UK drivers were as courteous as previously mentioned, but the truck drivers need to move their loads to a train and get off the “bloody” … Continue reading

“Ugly Christmas Sweater” Song

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There’s more Christmas Uglies! It’s beginning to haunt me. While parading my ugly Christmas sweater blog, I have found a SONG! Yes – there is an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” song. (Actually there are a couple, but I would like to think I have chosen the best for my audience). I cannot bring myself to … Continue reading

Bling for Toplessdrivers – Gift Ideas

I have been asked to write a Christmas list. I hope this is an indicator that I have been good this year? I need to get cracking as there are only so many days til Christmas left in the calendar. As many of us these days, I turned to the internet for the answers. I … Continue reading

Santa Baby!

My favourite song at Christmas is Earth Kitt’s version of “Santa Baby”. It describes a list of all the things she wants for Christmas. One of those things is a “’54 covertible..light blue”. Me too! In reflection of Eartha’s request from Santa, she goes on to sing that if she had a “’54 convertible..light blue” … Continue reading

How to Make a Topless Sleigh

For those of you that have not put your cars in storage or don’t want to put your topless car into storage… Take the top down on your car Put on very warm winter clothing – Santa hats optional but great for photos that you will send toplessdriver Load up with family and friends – … Continue reading

iPhriend Jingles all the Way!

I just had to add this because toplessdrivers love it. I recently acquired an iPhone 4s. I call her my “iPhriend” because she talks to me. Often. She tells me they have an free App to download for the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto this Sunday which allows you to track Santa. It currently shows … Continue reading

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