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Leticia Peres: Advice from my Mother

My mother has always worn the most gorgeous underwear. She has always claimed that you cannot look good on the outside unless you feel good on the underside. Modelling underwear in her youth may also have promoted this passion for life. When you get to wear the top of the range English Rose underwear, have … Continue reading

Topless in Detriot – Mercedes SL

There is a lot of hype over the Mercedes SL retractable hard top – with optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Technical pictures. Detailed engineering design articles. Car jargon that just looses me. I am a “user” and while I do praise all the people involved in the … Continue reading

Topless in Detroit 2012 – Mercedes, Louis and Chocolate

On my journey delving into the romantic history of the Mercedes three-pointed star, like chocolate, I just can’t get enough of Mercedes. My uneducated car heart is growing. Look at this car. I just want to wrap it up, slide in and take it home to show my Mom! I need to marry Louis Vitton … Continue reading

Santa’s Ride Behind the Star

This year’s Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement is delightful. Santa opens the door to the magical place where he stores all his collectible hot red car-sleighs and waits for one to speak to him. A topless Mercedes-Benz quickly flashes its headlights with the implied “pick me” attracting Santa’s attention with a smile that reads “Of course”. Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading

Revenge: Covertible Guilt – Part 2 – What was I thinking?

I like to watch television and sometimes, I just go with the flow with whatever is being sent to my brain without questioning.  Especially after a glass of rum and eggnog – usually wine, but the festive season is upon me. (Additionally, a couple of glasses of Merlot said Jack was on the Titanic). Related … Continue reading

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