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Looking Forward to Going Topless in 2012

I have a strong inner feeling of excitement that is rumbling and translates to “2012 will be a good year”. Winter is already throwing some mild temperatures, allowing snow dwellers to actually enjoy the snow without the painful minus temperatures that burn and cut short outdoor endeavours. The return of topless days is counting down. … Continue reading

Topless in London: Episode 2

So Right, Right, Right! Two days of driving on the “left, left, left and finally destination reached. I would like to thank a “crackin” GPS  – my iPhriend’s new BFF. UK drivers were as courteous as previously mentioned, but the truck drivers need to move their loads to a train and get off the “bloody” … Continue reading

UK Driving on the Left, Left, Left – Episode 1

Boxing Day had us packing for a three day road trip. I love driving in the UK. Despite the fact that I have to constantly sing “Left, left, left” in my head, the driving is fast and polite (my stepfather quickly said otherwise with raised eyebrows). 70 mph is the national speed limit, but most … Continue reading


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