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Bring On 2013

Thanks to this blog, 2012 has been an amazing year. I won a simple writing contest June 2011. I launched Toplessdrivers blog November 13th 2011. My blog changed my life. It reminded me of how creative I am. It reminded me of how funny I can be. It reminded me… of me. Complete strangers commented, … Continue reading

Bling for Toplessdrivers – Gift Ideas

I have been asked to write a Christmas list. I hope this is an indicator that I have been good this year? I need to get cracking as there are only so many days til Christmas left in the calendar. As many of us these days, I turned to the internet for the answers. I … Continue reading

iPhriend Jingles all the Way!

I just had to add this because toplessdrivers love it. I recently acquired an iPhone 4s. I call her my “iPhriend” because she talks to me. Often. She tells me they have an free App to download for the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto this Sunday which allows you to track Santa. It currently shows … Continue reading

Mrs Claus Parades Topless

What in the world did Mrs Claus do this year that finally landed her on Santa’s “good” list? Sunday November 20th 2011 is the famous  Santa Claus Parade in Toronto and probably the best in our opinion. This year, for the first time EVER, they have decided to let Mrs Claus have her own topless … Continue reading

Ideal Gift for Santa

This week is the week where Santa’s elves are dusting off his sleigh in preparation to travel and make his public appearances around the world. He will travel from the North Pole in his topless sleigh and join many parades and Malls to listen to the whispering wishes of many. (sound of wheels screeching to … Continue reading

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The Jeep Wave

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