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Santa Baby!

My favourite song at Christmas is Earth Kitt’s version of “Santa Baby”. It describes a list of all the things she wants for Christmas. One of those things is a “’54 covertible..light blue”. Me too! In reflection of Eartha’s request from Santa, she goes on to sing that if she had a “’54 convertible..light blue” … Continue reading

Ideal Gift for Santa

This week is the week where Santa’s elves are dusting off his sleigh in preparation to travel and make his public appearances around the world. He will travel from the North Pole in his topless sleigh and join many parades and Malls to listen to the whispering wishes of many. (sound of wheels screeching to … Continue reading

Barbie Drives Topless

Well it’s November and the season of giving is in the midnight sky. One day I am at my door scaring the shit out of the kids and throwing candy at them – I scared them good this year – and the next day I am in Walmart and 90% of the store is already … Continue reading

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The Jeep Wave

Thanks to Alex for being my model

All the glitters IS gold

Gosh I hope Robert drives a jeep?


Twitter Racing Fridays - Join us. May 18th Winner @ziggy6897 with his Taxi from the 5th Element