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Got 43:26 Minutes to Spare?

Discovery Channel’s “History of the Jeep”. Time well spent. Well, 43:26 minutes driving your jeep may be a better use of time especially if you have a rockin’ playlist. Driving your jeep topless is a huge bonus to your 43:26 minutes cruising action. But while some of us are waiting for the snow to melt … Continue reading

How to take the top down on your Jeep

I got snags when it come to putting the top on my jeep or taking the top down. This is a workout! I have looked at the videos on Youtube. They talk about it being easy, but do not be fooled. This takes practice. This requires training. According to the video below, you can do … Continue reading

Jeep Problems

Airflow to the Hairflow The topless season is upon us and the quest for what to do with the hair begins. So far this season, which has only just begun, I started with a teal girls style baseball cap. It didn’t match anything, so I went and bought a new hat for $50. This hat … Continue reading

Ever heard of Jeep Jones?

Nope? Me neither until Derrick Dodge | Edmonton New & Used Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat Dealer  posted a picture on his Facebook page. My brother collected comic books for many years. When he moved abroad he was going to give away his collection until I intercepted. I didn’t want him to give it to charity … Continue reading

Bachelor Bashing Mondays from Planet Zod

Poor Mr Ben. Still U.G.L.Y. in last weeks episode. Still unshaven and still adorns his greasy yucky hair. Fire the stylist. But I see they have added his grandpa’s undershirt to his collection just to try to distract you for a moment from his face. But now he is hitting new heights to be bashed. … Continue reading

Bachelor Bashing Mondays

It’s Bachelor Bashing Monday! Time to look at last weeks episode before tonight’s new episode. That is, if you want to watch the new episode tonight at 8pm. I have been very consistent about bashing this seasons Bachelor, Ben Flajnik. He does absolutely nothing for me (and many others I have noticed) and as you … Continue reading

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