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Bring On 2013

Thanks to this blog, 2012 has been an amazing year. I won a simple writing contest June 2011. I launched Toplessdrivers blog November 13th 2011. My blog changed my life. It reminded me of how creative I am. It reminded me of how funny I can be. It reminded me… of me. Complete strangers commented, … Continue reading

It is Why…Goats Drive Topless

At last my family is “catching on” with the recent evidence of my birthday card. I blog. Yup. I am a blogger. “Hello. My name is Toplessdriver and I am a blogaholic”. The symptoms have been recognized. I need my “topless” blogging fix. Regularly. Too regularly. Not regularly enough! It is why… dinner is sometimes ready. … Continue reading

Topless in London: Episode 2

So Right, Right, Right! Two days of driving on the “left, left, left and finally destination reached. I would like to thank a “crackin” GPS  – my iPhriend’s new BFF. UK drivers were as courteous as previously mentioned, but the truck drivers need to move their loads to a train and get off the “bloody” … Continue reading

UK Driving on the Left, Left, Left – Episode 1

Boxing Day had us packing for a three day road trip. I love driving in the UK. Despite the fact that I have to constantly sing “Left, left, left” in my head, the driving is fast and polite (my stepfather quickly said otherwise with raised eyebrows). 70 mph is the national speed limit, but most … Continue reading

What did you get for Christmas?

10,000 W iNuke Boom iPod Dock – it’s huge. This docking station weighs in at 800lbs and costs $29,999! That’s a baby elephant folks! I asked for a docking station for Christmas. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with convertibles or the driving lifestyle – but it just made me laugh. And when … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from toplessdriver

To all my Followers I say “Merry Christmas“. I know that the words “Merry Christmas” is under debate and that we need to respect all faiths during the holiday season. I do. But this year, I feel very Christmassy. Perhaps it is because of writing this blog and looking for all the fun things that … Continue reading


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