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What’s in the Shed?

Is there a feeling of Toplessness in the Air? Spring…Oh Spring! Is it here? Do I blog too soon? In this shed is the soft top to my jeep. I can almost get there. Is spring defined by the access to my shed? It accommodates the pool toys, the bikes, the gardening tools, the pots, … Continue reading

Santa’s Ride Behind the Star

This year’s Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement is delightful. Santa opens the door to the magical place where he stores all his collectible hot red car-sleighs and waits for one to speak to him. A topless Mercedes-Benz quickly flashes its headlights with the implied “pick me” attracting Santa’s attention with a smile that reads “Of course”. Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading

It’s not what you think…so stop thinking it!

If you are looking for “boobies” then keep browsing coz there are no “boobies” here. Don’t get me wrong. We do not object to “boobies” or going topless – it’s just not going to be found here. That is not what this is about. This is about the “lifestyle” of driving cars particularly topless vehicles.  … Continue reading


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The Jeep Wave

Thanks to Alex for being my model

All the glitters IS gold

Gosh I hope Robert drives a jeep?


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