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My Favourite Place to Read

When you have children, upon birth, many instant qualifications come with this new responsibility. Children do not come with manuals, but they do inspire instant personal qualifications in hair cutting, singing, audiobook practice, Masterchef, confrontation, nursing, counseling, psychiatry, teaching,  project planning, event organizing, washing and cleaning (which I consider an art never mastered) and many … Continue reading

MAXIM – Topless Thrills April 2012

Holy Ghost Whisperer! Are we serious? Taking topless to a new level are we Jennifer? Well this little beauty needs a spring test drive. No, no, no!. Not Mrs Love Hewitt. Silly readers. The New Mini Roadster needs a spring test drive. I am looking for topless thrills. Maxim’s ad said I will achieve this … Continue reading

Herr Bieber

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Ok – SHOOT ME! I heard this song on the radio and now I like it. I have kids. They sing things in the car. They say “Turn it up Mom”. After a while, when they are not on for the ride and these songs come on, I am now singing … Continue reading

Jay Leno Falls in Love with Morgan

Jay Leno loves cars, motorcycles and almost anything with an engine. He probably has one of the most active car and motorcycle collections around. Personally, I would like to see him leave the Tonight Show and start his own car show and become a TopGear competitor. (A tough ride that would be). I observe that … Continue reading

Ever heard of Jeep Jones?

Nope? Me neither until Derrick Dodge | Edmonton New & Used Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat Dealer  posted a picture on his Facebook page. My brother collected comic books for many years. When he moved abroad he was going to give away his collection until I intercepted. I didn’t want him to give it to charity … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Topless Continuity

The number one challenge with driving a convertible or topless vehicle is your hair. Not such a problem if you haven’t got any or it is very short. But anything past your ears enters into the category of “Airflow to the Hairflow”. I want to drive topless and get from A to B with my … Continue reading


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The Jeep Wave

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