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Got 43:26 Minutes to Spare?

Discovery Channel’s “History of the Jeep”. Time well spent. Well, 43:26 minutes driving your jeep may be a better use of time especially if you have a rockin’ playlist. Driving your jeep topless is a huge bonus to your 43:26 minutes cruising action. But while some of us are waiting for the snow to melt … Continue reading

Herr Bieber

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Ok – SHOOT ME! I heard this song on the radio and now I like it. I have kids. They sing things in the car. They say “Turn it up Mom”. After a while, when they are not on for the ride and these songs come on, I am now singing … Continue reading

Which Movie had your Vote?

Since the Oscars nominations have been announced I have been trundling to the movie theater every weekend to inform my decision on who should get which award. I have seen “The Artist”. If 007 was allowed to speak french, move over Daniel Craig and let Jean Dujardin become the next 007. He is lush and … Continue reading

Why do Twilight Vampires Drive Red Cars?

Last Friday launched the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie. The vampire addiction is high.  The Cullen’s love their cars.  Let’s take a look; Bella – red 1953 Chevrolet Pick-up truck – polished-up, we love this truck Bella’s “After car” –  red Ferrari F430 Edward – Volvo S60R – Stealth and hot – like Edward … Continue reading

Can Vampires Drive Topless?

We say “no” Twilight Saga says “yes” Perhaps it is both? Twilight proves that the answer is “yes”. For today. But according to classic literature, vampires could only go outside up until 1921. Maybe this is why we do not see them today. The concept of vampires frying up in the daylight was added by … Continue reading

“Edward Cullen…we are coming”

Edward tells Bella that he sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight. He explains that he does not go out in public in the day because his “sparkliness” will create public suspicion. Too right it will create suspicion. Everyone else in the world thinks that vampires explode into dust in the daylight. Don’t they? If you … Continue reading


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