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Bring On 2013

Thanks to this blog, 2012 has been an amazing year.

I won a simple writing contest June 2011. I launched Toplessdrivers blog November 13th 2011. My blog changed my life. It reminded me of how creative I am. It reminded me of how funny I can be. It reminded me… of me.

Complete strangers commented, gave feedback positive and negative and in both of these processes, I was being recognized. I was being reminded that I have something to offer. It totally fueled my soul.

My blog, though odd in its subject matter, has been great fun and a welcome challenge. I have met some amazing people all over the world that I know I will meet some day. I can honestly say that in 12 months I can truly call them my friends.

The recent dormancy in my blog is I am about to launch a new Toplessdrivers website with a built in blog. I found a graphic designer via my Facebook family and have finally decided on a final cut. There is a page to sell toplessdriving merchandise, Toplessdrivers Forum and a place to promote your Toplessdriving events. This blogging journey has also resulted in my securing a permanent part-time position and I have launched my own business which is progressing nicely. I have never been so busy. I have never been so determined to be a better person with a high sense of achievement. These days, I walk down the street with a bouncing bubble of excitement in my chest. I cannot wait to get up each day.

I have decided not to shut down this blog, but will be linking to it. It is my solution to not leaving the WordPress community, which I love and adore.

So, thank you one and all for changing my life for the better. Wishing you all health & happiness for the New Year. I look forward to the days ahead in 2013. Bring it on!




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