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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Toplessdrivers cap in development. Not available yet.

Well hello Fans! I have not blogged for a while. Did you miss me? Well, I am back in the topless blogging driving seat after a wonderful summer of jeeping. I decided to review my love of the summer and do what I love to do and one of those things is to drive topless (and doorless most of this hot summer) on those gorgeous warm summer days. Cruising to my Toplessdrivers playlist and hanging out with family and friends around the BBQ.

The commencement of fall days are now forcing the top and doors back on my jeep (sigh) and I am returning to my other guilty pleasure which is this blog. “Hello Blog. How I have missed you” (keyboard tickle and giggle).

I have been thinking about my blog all summer. I never really stop even when jeeping. Probably think about it more when I am jeeping. I have spent quite a few days building a new Toplessdrivers website with a built-in blog. I have a new logo (which will be 7 bars (just the holes upset my jeep test audience), Toplessdrivers merchandise, a forum all on a site that is incredibly user-friendly.

I have been having a lot of concerns with the idea of leaving the WordPress community. I adore the WordPress community and all those I have met. I am overwhelmed by Bloggers generosity and kind words. I never feel alone in the WordPress world. WordPress has given me what I set out to achieve (and more) and that is to connect with the world outside my own front door.

I am also astounded at the creativity of the human race represented in the vast variety of Blogs I read and swoon over thinking “I wish I had thought of that”. Today I sit on the fence to my next steps. Is the question people vs place? Boy oh boy I have had this question before in my lifetime and the people were always the right answer in hindsight . But in the time I have been with WordPress, very little has changed in the basic package. I am frustrated with the formating tools. I place a picture and when I preview it is never where I want it to be. The website I have found which is also free has added a Facebook feed, Twitter feed, individual page designs, more templates to choose from and many other new features in the six months I have been a member. They are moving visibly forward to the point where I can’t wait to log on to see what new feature they have installed today. I am even designing websites for others now. It gives me such a better platform and it allows me to keep my pennies in my gas tank.

My question is “Is WordPress moving forward?” “Should I stay or should I go now?”



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