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Herr Bieber

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

Ok – SHOOT ME! I heard this song on the radio and now I like it. I have kids. They sing things in the car. They say “Turn it up Mom”. After a while, when they are not on for the ride and these songs come on, I am now singing along and turning up the volume too. WHY? Because I have heard it so many times over and over, that I am now a convert and thinking “must download”.

Well this has topped my charts. It’s a darn Justin Bieber song. Oh yes. I have caved. Advertising works. They say if you see or hear something six times in 30 days, when you need it you will remember it and you will want it. I am a victim of Mr Bieber’s radio marketing. The kids are the catalyst and I am the buyer. Damn you Biebes. Does this now make me a Biebeliever?

Well, if I have to listen to it, then so I must subject all my fans to this tune. The lyrics are dreadful. I think he says “I can be a German”. Very odd. So suck it up. Listen to it six times and see what I mean. But sing along quietly and turn the volume down when you drive topless for this one, in case anyone is looking. Somehow I don’t think the Biebes, the “Boyfriend” and his offer to be “a German” will be a topless drivers image enhancer.



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