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Parking Tickets

My latest contract does not allow me to park on the premises. Instead, I park in the residential area for three hours at a time. I could opt to park somewhere else for longer, but given that so much of my work is staring at a computer screen, this three hour parking allowance, gets me off my backside, get outside and look at something else for ten minutes while I move my Jeep to another three hour location.

The other day I was caught in the office and could feel the inner timer go off that screamed “Move yer jeep or pay the fine”. As soon as politeness allowed, I flew out the door around the street corner to this;

I am storming. Every year I do this contract and every year, just once, I get “the parking ticket”! I am more annoyed with myself as I know I should park over the bridge where it is free all day, but I think I am addicted to ” the game”. Can I get through this annual seasonal contract without using my visa card in the street?

After a few of those cussing words our mother’s would wash our mouths out with soap for and thinking I am only seven minutes late and I am going to rip that parking police’s head off, upon closer inspection I realize that it does not look that official. I grab the piece of paper off the screen and this is what it says;

Well – talk about a bi-polar moment! Not only is it not a fine, but it is from a ToplessDriver Fan! How cool is that, I think to myself. My jeeps first “love letter”!!! Well, we love Steph. So glad she is not the Parking Cop. I guess we will just have to take Steph out for a spin. Thanks Steph!

Now – in the picture above, did you notice the van behind me? Just want to give you a heads up, but that is definitely NOT a love letter from Steph. That little piece of paper is the real deal and on today’s market is worth about $30 if you pay it before the early deadline!!! I know this. I have experience.



3 thoughts on “Parking Tickets

  1. Heartwarming story. Love the Stephs of this world.

    Posted by MBH | April 14, 2012, 4:43 am


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