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Topless Through Time

Driving topless is just not a new thing. Driving with the top on, is. When we drive topless are we returning to our roots? Is this why we connect and enjoy the topless driving experience so quickly? Does it tap into our conscienceness and rattle the part of our brain that says “this is good”, … Continue reading

MAXIM – Topless Thrills April 2012

Holy Ghost Whisperer! Are we serious? Taking topless to a new level are we Jennifer? Well this little beauty needs a spring test drive. No, no, no!. Not Mrs Love Hewitt. Silly readers. The New Mini Roadster needs a spring test drive. I am looking for topless thrills. Maxim’s ad said I will achieve this … Continue reading

Herr Bieber

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Ok – SHOOT ME! I heard this song on the radio and now I like it. I have kids. They sing things in the car. They say “Turn it up Mom”. After a while, when they are not on for the ride and these songs come on, I am now singing … Continue reading

Parking Tickets

My latest contract does not allow me to park on the premises. Instead, I park in the residential area for three hours at a time. I could opt to park somewhere else for longer, but given that so much of my work is staring at a computer screen, this three hour parking allowance, gets me … Continue reading

Mondays Topless Driving Playlist 2012

Song #2 Just looking at the album cover reminds me of being a kid. Enjoy track #2. If you have suggestions to add to this summers driving playlist, bring it on…

Monday’s Topless Driving Playlist 2012

Cabrio – Pink Moon It’s that time of year when the tops are beginning to roll back on your jeeps and convertibles. A big thanks goes out to Mother Nature last week who blasted out the snow and the cold by cranking up the earth’s thermostat. Please hug the nearest tree to show your approval. … Continue reading

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