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Steaming Puke!

Cleaning up the pukePuking in the Jeep

I got a call from school at lunch time from my young son who said he was not feeling well and could I pick him up. My hesitation came from this son being the son that maneuvers me. Get’s a day off here and there and me falling for it every time.

I drove to the school and signed him out all the time thinking “sucker”.  I told him I had to nip back to my employers to pick something up and we would be on the road home soon. He moped and pleaded and eventually  declared it would be fine. He could last despite his pleas to drive straight home (sucker!).

Puking would have been easier topless

I left my son in the Jeep. I could not have been gone more than five minutes when I returned to my son projectile vomiting in the jeep…everywhere. It was a cold day and as the steam cleared from my sons crotch, I realized that his nether regions were sitting in a pool of regurgitated school lunch of sandwiches and milk.

There are times in life in a jeep where driving topless has its extreme advantages. As Natalie pointed out, if I had been driving topless, my son could have just puked over the side, instead of all over himself, the seat, the floor on a winter day enclosed with the smell and my son feeling very sorry for himself.



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