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Bachelor Bashing Mondays

Mr Ben does Tongues

To recap last weeks The Bachelor – The Girls Tell All, the dumb dumped Bachelorette’s got together with the host of the show, Chris Harrison, and had a good bashing session of… Courtney from Planet Zod. Just for a change, Mr Ben appeared to get away smoothly while Courtney left in tears, drama and the audience pulling back and forth over remembering her ridiculousness on the show versus her behaviour of tears and regret on this nights episode. Courtney certainly made us all question our negative reactions to her expert vicious annoying girlie mad games, but I am not buying.

Nikki Sterling does tongues too.

We move closer to tonight’s final episode. Which one will our Mr Ben really choose? Courtney did imply in her very well orchestrated sob story that “she still had feelings for Ben”. I found myself sitting up at this point, looking for the remote control to rewind my ears. What I heard was Mr Ben in a “past” context for her heart. Is the cat out of the bag already? Is Courtney going to return to Planet Zod? Light speed would not be too soon.

In summary Toplessdriver YELLS at Mr Ben and declares:

  • If you had to choose one of the 25 you should have chosen Nikki Sterling as you have the same slip of the tongue habit
  • Dump them all and give the final rose to the 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK8 Northern Edition Baby Blue and drive into the Alps QUICK! (Photo courtesey of DerrickDodgeEdmonton . derrickdodge on Pinterest.)

Who was your number one choice for our Mr Ben?

"2013 Jeep TJ Wrangler, will you accept this Rose?"



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