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Steaming Puke!

Puking in the Jeep I got a call from school at lunch time from my young son who said he was not feeling well and could I pick him up. My hesitation came from this son being the son that maneuvers me. Get’s a day off here and there and me falling for it every … Continue reading

Bachelor Bashing Mondays

Final Chapter: I have nothing to say except that Mr Ben lost. The media have bashed him to bits. No “winning” for this less than one and a half man. He has made his bed and many of us would never sleep in it. Dump the girl and buy the Jeep. At least then, someone … Continue reading

Jay Leno Falls in Love with Morgan

Jay Leno loves cars, motorcycles and almost anything with an engine. He probably has one of the most active car and motorcycle collections around. Personally, I would like to see him leave the Tonight Show and start his own car show and become a TopGear competitor. (A tough ride that would be). I observe that … Continue reading

What’s in the Shed?

Is there a feeling of Toplessness in the Air? Spring…Oh Spring! Is it here? Do I blog too soon? In this shed is the soft top to my jeep. I can almost get there. Is spring defined by the access to my shed? It accommodates the pool toys, the bikes, the gardening tools, the pots, … Continue reading

Bachelor Bashing Mondays

Mr Ben does Tongues To recap last weeks The Bachelor – The Girls Tell All, the dumb dumped Bachelorette’s got together with the host of the show, Chris Harrison, and had a good bashing session of… Courtney from Planet Zod. Just for a change, Mr Ben appeared to get away smoothly while Courtney left in … Continue reading

Are there Rules to Parking a Jeep?

It has come to my attention that there are “rules” to driving a jeep. We have the infamous “Jeep Wave” of two fingers lifted off the steering wheel when passing another jeep. I forget sometimes and hope I do not appear rude. When I reluctantly drive my other car, I still do the jeep wave, … Continue reading

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The Jeep Wave

Thanks to Alex for being my model

All the glitters IS gold

Gosh I hope Robert drives a jeep?


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