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Which Movie had your Vote?

The next 007?

Since the Oscars nominations have been announced I have been trundling to the movie theater every weekend to inform my decision on who should get which award. I have seen “The Artist”. If 007 was allowed to speak french, move over Daniel Craig and let Jean Dujardin become the next 007. He is lush and I adored this movie because Jean was in it. I even tweeted him en français to tell him so.

"Please don't make me cry"

My second quest was “Warhorse”. I posted on Facebook before entering the theater “Don’t make me cry, Warhorse”. Well I cried. Boy oh boy did I cry. I cried when it was sad. I cried when it was happy. The movie was so clever, that I even started crying in my anticipation of what was coming next. I left the movie looking like Alice Cooper. Where is Mixed Gems. when I need her?

George, Jeep, Topless, Hawaii. Now that is paradise!

I have watched many of the nominees for this years awards, but the film “The Descendants” quickly escalated to the top of my list.

Surprisingly, I am not a George Clooney fan. I am one of the original viewers of E.R. when My Clooney entered the hospital as Dr Doug Ross. Today, I do not find him any different in his acting skills than from his first appearance on E.R.. I call these actors “Pizza Actors” – every bite is the same as the last. But in saying that, you will be surprised to discover that the movie “The Descendants” has grabbed my vote. When George Clooney arrived on one of the Hawaiian islands and took off driving topless in a white Jeep Wrangler TJ, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is a bias vote of course. But when you have experienced going topless in a jeep with George Clooney driving around a Hawaiian island, paradise just finds a new meaning.

What was your favourite movie and why?

Enjoy George Clooney in the Jeep Wrangler TJ in this clip.

Pointless Paradise: The Descendants in Hawaii



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