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Leticia Peres: Advice from my Mother

Leticia Peres. Topless in a topless Mercedes

My mother has always worn the most gorgeous underwear. She has always claimed that you cannot look good on the outside unless you feel good on the underside. Modelling underwear in her youth may also have promoted this passion for life. When you get to wear the top of the range English Rose underwear, have an 18 inch waist and the “I know I look good” guts to parade around in front of a cameraman, I am positive this experience would seal the deal for any gal.

My mother (or her grandmother?) has also preached that you need to be mindful of your daily choice of underwear when driving in case you get in an accident, or in this case, get possessed by Mercedes and feel the need to set yourself free!

How about this one Mum?

Leticia Peres, brazilian model was seen last week driving topless and topless. Driving topless just makes you do crazy things with the freedom this topless Mercedes offers. Forget getting in an accident. This is going to cause an accident!

Following my mother’s footsteps, I think my mother would have recommended that Leticia should have stopped off at Victoria Secret and found a bra that really compliments her modelling career. I do not think my Mum would care about flipping her T in public as long as there is something worth looking at.

My mother would have chosen a bra that is classy,  elegant and timeless for this topless occasion. I have chosen a bra, that I hope my mother would approve of and Leticia would consider for her next topless occasion in a Mercedes. “Listen to my Mum, Leticia. Mother knows best!”.

My Mum. Beautiful on the inside and the outside

Let’s hope the cameraman and the onlookers thought about their knickers before getting dressed for this photo shoot. Be prepared. You never know what you will see or do when a gorgeous topless model Mercedes is in your neighbourhood flashing their headlights. You would not want to be in an accident with your K-Mart specials. My mother would not approve.

Additionally, if my mother had been driving in this topless Mercedes, this is how she would look; beautiful on the outside and … well it’s my mother’s secret, not Victoria’s, to how she feels on the underside. But I bet she feels classy, elegant and timeless. She will always be classy, elegant and timeless to me. Love you Mum!

Do you wear nice underwear?

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