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Bachelor Bashing Mondays from Planet Zod


Poor Mr Ben. Still U.G.L.Y. in last weeks episode. Still unshaven and still adorns his greasy yucky hair. Fire the stylist. But I see they have added his grandpa’s undershirt to his collection just to try to distract you for a moment from his face.

But now he is hitting new heights to be bashed. It appears he is just plain stupid too or possessed. Why can our Mr Ben not see that the  Courtney Monster from Planet Zod needs to be deleted from his list of potential love interests? Mr Ben hear our words “She is not from our world!”

You thought her body was nice? Look again!

We see Mr Ben arrive in Belize. Having left Panama and his one true love that was the only thing that made him attractive, the topless Jeep Wrangler TJ, to fall into the arms of the one horn, two eyed flying purple people eater, Courtney. Oh what man games she has been trained in on her planet. Courtney is an extra-terrestrial graduate in the art of mind manipulation of the human species. They have been telling me for years that they “walk among us” and now I am a believer.

Here is this weeks toplessdrivers advice for Mr Ben; Keep all the roses; return to Panama; get back in the jeep and drive as fast as you can into the nearest sunset. If you go on the hometown date with the Courtney Monster from Planet Zod, it is probably your last date. Planet Zod is a few light years away and you will never be able to return to your jeep wrangler and the vineyard I need a few bottles from while watching this show. Mr Ben, do not pass “Go” and do not collect “$200”  unless you give the $200 to the Courtney Monster to leave you and all us viewers alone!

What do you think of Courtney?

Bonus question: At the beginning of last weeks episode, Mr Ben did drive topless. What was he driving? I have something for you if you can answer this question correctly.




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