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Jeep Frisbie – Don’t throw your Jeep away

After work this week, the young woman I was with, needed a lift. As we left the building and I walked towards my jeep, she perked up and expressed her surprise that a jeep was my “choice-of-ride” and that she really liked jeeps. Her tempo was higher as her conversation grew faster.

People are always surprised that I drive a jeep. I guess it’s just not what they expect me to drive. I need to ask what people expect me to drive. It gives me an inside giggle, when they express their enthusiasm. People always ask me “is that your jeep?

Here is a recent commercial for jeep. Three guys and one girl. The girl is driving the same jeep as I drive. Red and topless. All the men are in covered jeeps.

I am looking forward to the spring. As the end of January commences, I see four weeks of February and then we are on to the thaw. Muddy Melting March. But to bide the time, it is ok to dream about driving topless on warm sunny evenings ahead of us. This advertisement for Jeep moves my soul.




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