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Is the Bachelor Related to Nadal?

Brothers from Another Mother?


Do these two look the same? Is that the attraction? With Nadal being in the media for years and with many female fans following him, is that the subliminal attraction to this seasons Bachelor, Ben Flajnik? I just don’t get it. In both cases their hair really puts me off. Let’s take a look at the similarities of these two lover boys and see if they could be related.

Ben and Nadal have the same shaggy greasy hairstyle. It’s even a similar colour with sunshine highlights.  Their face shape is the same. (Do I dare say “heart shaped” or will that drive the fans wild?). They both have the neanderthal brow. Ben looks like he has broken his nose at some moment in time. Nadal has wanted to break a few noses in his time. Mouth’s are the same shape but are Nadal’s as kissable as Ben’s? Nadal appears to have european teeth in this photo. Come on Nadal, get those pearly whites Americanized. Maybe that is why Nadal does not look as kissable as Ben? Everyone is kissing Ben these days (“but there can only be one!“)

Both have experienced the feeling of being a loser. Ben is known as the runner-up from Season 7 and Nadal has often been the runner-up in quite a few seasons. Ben drives a topless Jeepster Commando and Nadal can drive whatever he wants, topless or not. Both are athleticBen won a state championship in soccer and continues to play lots of intramural sports. Nadal has won quite a few championships and continues to play lots of international intramural tennis.

Both are Bachelors and the way things are going, it looks like that is the way it will stay for a while unless they get a haircut. Rumour has it that World No. 2 is thinking about marrying Xisca Perello in 2012 in his home town of Manacor in front of family and friends. Following suit, Bachelor Ben is thinking about marrying Courtney (yuck) or Kacie B  in his home town of Sonoma in front of family and friends (this is my guess from the show so far). Ben is the older brother at 29, September 10th 1982 and Nadal is 25, June 3rd 1986. So brother’s they could very well be. You decide.

This mother from another, who is itching to buy a new hat, scolds “If you want to seal the deal then cut your hair boys and hear the wedding bells ring”.

Which one would you date and why?

Place your vote on the home page poll.

Bachelor Ben

Bachelor Nadal

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4 thoughts on “Is the Bachelor Related to Nadal?

  1. V+1 writes that she thinks he looks more like Zach Braff from Scrubs? Are they triplets? Thanks V+1! Sweet observation. I wouldn’t date him either.

    Posted by toplessdriver | February 1, 2012, 1:46 pm
  2. I wouldn’t date either. Of course, I’m also clueless as to who the heck they are! I’ve never watched “The Bachelor” and, what’s the other one do? Soccer? Tennis? Something sports related I suppose — another area I pay no attention to lol But they really do look like the same person, are you sure they aren’t? Ahaha.. that would be funny.

    Posted by Indigo Spider | January 31, 2012, 5:39 pm
    • I do not fancy either one and am totally puzzled by the hype and the attraction. I watch the Bachelor out of habit. I have watched the show since it started thanks to a team that were addicted. I am at a point where I would hate to hear what happened on the show from someone else.

      Nadal is a very charming tennis player and a darn good one at that! Last Sunday at the Australian Open, he almost won after a near 6 hour match. But based on looks alone, I just don’t see the attraction.

      Posted by toplessdriver | February 1, 2012, 1:42 pm


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