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What’s in a Name? Who Else is Topless?

In our closing arguments about the name toplessdrivers, there are others who perhaps have had the same debate over their name.  In review, these topless colleagues are established and are very successful.



First on the block is ToplessRobot – nerds humour and self loathing. One of my favourites, this is a terrific website for nerdy business. Most of this stuff I grew up with. Don’t close your eyes on Topless Robot or a Weeping Angel may appear at your door! Sheldon probably has this great place on his bookmarks. Topless Robot – Nerd news, humor and self-loathing.



Second on the topless block and going delicate and green is Go Topless Glassware – MyEntre.Net Business Profile. “Go Topless Glassware specializes in accumulating large quantities of glass liquor, wine, and beer bottles and re-purposing them into drinking glasses. This is done by cutting the tops off then grinding and polishing the rim..” Since researching for this posting Go Topless Glassware has changed its website and is looking very sleek, professional and polished…excuse the pun.


Car Rental:

Another Lego block to the topless argument tower is Hire Rates Specials :: Topless Rentals: Broome’s Premium Vehical Rental Service. I guess this advertisement says it all about this topless beauty.


Mobile Phones:

Now we are talking topless. Here is Virgin using the word “topless” to describe their unlimited service. If Richard Branson refers to topless as being “unlimited”, than it must be so.

iTWire – Go Topless for the best mobile phone deal. Virgin Mobile‘s Topless plan $89 – Unlimited standard national call & text + $89 International Plan Rates 4GB

  • Unlimited calls & text to any standard Oz mobile6
  • Unlimited standard local & national calls6
  • $89 credit for international calls & text7
  • Choose a new phone over 24 months1or BYO & save $10/month



Even charities go topless. Here’s a fundraiser for Breast Cancer from Australia. Time to bring this event to the rest of the world. That may lead to “topless” domination? Topless Car Run, Toowong, Queensland – Australian search engine | Free business listings | Businesses in Australia | Big Roo | Car Run– Toowong, Queensland. “Raising money for breast cancer research, Dr. Johnson set out this mission to create an enjoyable activity from which funds could be raised to help others affected by breast cancer”.


Convertibles & Newspapers:

Audi’s topless summer.Features. Audi’s Topless Summer is an article written by the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd in 2009 to introduce Audi’s new ragtop/convertible. This A5 Cabriolet has a fabric top that folds back in 15 seconds and can be taken down at speeds of 30 mph.

When Virginia asked if there is a Santa Claus, she was told by her father that if it appears in the The (New York) Sun, than it must be so. I believe. Are you beginning to believe too?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – Toplessdrivers’ BFF

When asking toplessdriver Twitter followers if should change its name, @jeepworld responded in about 30 seconds with a resounding “NO WAY”. Worth a road trip to JeepWorld this summer. That was to me the seal of approval. Jeep is celebrating its 70th Anniversary and this is what they say on their website:


For 70 years, the Jeep® brand has embodied a spirit of freedom and pride. From our founding in a world at war, through long years and countless miles, we’ve been battle-tested, weathered elements, and defied gravity. Behind our iconic seven-slot grille has always been a vehicle made well, with pride, by people who care. We seek out and conquer challenges that seem insurmountable because Jeep 4×4 owners do the same. As we enter the next 70 years, our commitment to producing the highest-quality vehicles and helping people find adventure in their world remains undimmed.” We seek out and conquer challenges is a sweet motto to toplessdrivers ears. Thank you Jeep Accessories & Jeep Parts: From Jeep Hard Tops, Jeep Covers, Bumpers, Jeep Wrangler Accessories & More at


“And the Winner is…”

All Things Jeep – 2012 Go Topless Day Shirts, Clothing, Decals, Tire Covers & MORE Stuff.

As a Jeep owner, this endorses our choice of blog name. We did not know about Go Topless Day at the time of deciding the blog name. But clearly, jeep owners do not consider their vehicles convertibles, thus leaving us to call our jeeps “topless” when the sun is out and the soft tops are down. Jeeps are topless. Full stop.

______________________________________________________________________________________ is proud to join these reputable companies and organizations in the use of the word, topless.

Building blocks…one post at a time.



2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Who Else is Topless?

  1. One question — who are you trying to convince about the name change? Sorry if that sounds confrontational because I don’t mean it that way at all. I’m just curious. I feel that the blog is yours, an extension of you, sharing your thoughts, and in poking around it is a fun, cheeky little site. The name fits. If others don’t like it, for whatever reason, so be it, they don’t have to visit than. If they don’t visit because of the name it is there loss. There will plenty who stick around and not just for the name because there is so much more to offer. Heck, my name is Marita but most think it is Indigo because of my blog. Doesn’t make the visit any different when they find out my ‘real’ name, some still call me Indigo, which is just fine.

    I like the name, it is obvious you like the name, so own it, be proud, be TOPLESS and place a sticker over the naughty bits to keep the censors happy 🙂

    Posted by Indigo Spider | January 28, 2012, 1:37 pm

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