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The Bachelor – Topless Continuity

Ben & Kacie B coming out of the house

The number one challenge with driving a convertible or topless vehicle is your hair. Not such a problem if you haven’t got any or it is very short. But anything past your ears enters into the category of “Airflow to the Hairflow”. I want to drive topless and get from A to B with my hair intact. Bridgette Jones knows what I am talking about and now we add Kacie B to that list.

Thanks to my Topless Car Family Mom, (see page “THE ROAD”), I have been watching the Bachelor from its inception. I am not sure why I keep watching only that it has become a habit and a “patch” has not been invented yet. I am especially questioning my viewing this season as the Bachelor Ben is very unattractive. If I am going to waste donate two hours of my time, I prefer “eye candy” for the Bachelor. (I don’t care if he is “nice” and got jilted by Ashley, that is the nature of this game show. It is a game show.)

This season we see Ben back for another go. So far, his choice in women has me worried already that his heart will be broken again. Good thing he owns a vineyard because I think he may need it. (At this rate, I am going to need his vineyard to supply me a case or two if he continues to give a rose to the contestants with three inch cleavages).

Getting in the car - ponytail

In the second episode Ben asks Kacie B out for the first 1 on 1 date. As Ben leads Kacie B out the front door she realizes, with her hair down, that they will be leaving in his topless Jeepster Commando (I give Ben 10 out of 10 for his choice of vehicles). When she gets into the topless jeepster, Kacie B’s hair is now in a  ponytail. Classic hair style for driving topless. But in the next scene they are filmed driving around the corner into a street and somewhere the hairdresser got on board and now her hair is down again! Watch this video. “Airflow to the hairflow” affects us all. A few more minutes driving and Kacie would have had a mini fro and no rose forthcoming.

End of journey. Where's the ponytail?

Additionally, Am I missing something with Ben’s hair? I hated it in the Bachelorette and I still hate it in this series. I need to cut Ben’s hair. Everyone admires his hair. What is it with his hair? I am sure Ben has “airflow to the hairflow” problems too, but the ABC Hairdresser in the glove compartment comes in handy when you are famous. All topless drivers need an ABC Hairdresser.

Should Bachelor Ben cut his hair? Go back to the Home Page to place your vote.




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