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Topless in Detroit 2012 – Mercedes, Louis and Chocolate

On my journey delving into the romantic history of the Mercedes three-pointed star, like chocolate, I just can’t get enough of Mercedes. My uneducated car heart is growing. Look at this car. I just want to wrap it up, slide in and take it home to show my Mom!

I need to marry Louis Vitton and Mercedes for this ride. These perfect shoes are like an extension of the Mercedes SL. Once you reluctantly get out of this gorgeous vehicle, you can just keep on gliding in a matching pair of Louis Vuitton Jealous Pump 9cm in Patent Calf Leather…SL’s! It would be like this Mercedes is still driving your feet thus never leaving a lady alone for the evening. Too delicious for words. No wonder the word “Mercedes” is used as a girl’s name. A child so beautiful as a Mercedes can only be cherished.

In our review of the “Airflow to the Hairflow” for this Mercedes, unfortunately, I think our luscious locks are doomed. But on the bright side, if you feel your ironed shiny “downdo” is being sucked-up into an unwanted spaghetti “updo”, this topless Mercedes takes less than 20 seconds to close the roof. Bridgette Jones needed this car on her weekend with Mr Cleaver.

I love Mercedes!

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4 thoughts on “Topless in Detroit 2012 – Mercedes, Louis and Chocolate

  1. Cars and shoes! You’re on a roll! How long can you keep it going?

    Posted by nGinius | January 14, 2012, 11:42 pm
    • As long as there are convertibles and as long as there are shoes, I can keep this going. I only see the cars from a girls perspective. I have no idea what is under the hood. We will need to add some bags and bling before long…with the shoes of course! Enjoy!

      Posted by toplessdriver | January 15, 2012, 10:36 am


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