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Is the Bachelor Related to Nadal?

Brothers from Another Mother? Do these two look the same? Is that the attraction? With Nadal being in the media for years and with many female fans following him, is that the subliminal attraction to this seasons Bachelor, Ben Flajnik? I just don’t get it. In both cases their hair really puts me off. Let’s … Continue reading

What’s in a Name? Who Else is Topless?

In our closing arguments about the name toplessdrivers, there are others who perhaps have had the same debate over their name.  In review, these topless colleagues are established and are very successful. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Nerds: First on the block is ToplessRobot – nerds humour and self loathing. One of my favourites, this is a terrific website … Continue reading

It’s a Snow Day

What’s in a Name? Tilden Rent-a-Car

The Argument Continues My decision at choosing is also a matter of personal history. When I was little a company called “Tilden Rent-a-Car” ran a campaign for renting convertibles. The advertisement read “take it all off – TILDEN’S DONE IT”. My father gave me this badge. I still have the bright neon yellow badge … Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

It has been brought to my attention that the name “toplessdrivers” may be a problem. A friend, who works for the government, said she can no longer follow this blog as the word “topless” is too “cheeky” for browsing in the workplace. Therefore, is the word “topless” a restricted web browsing word in the workplace? … Continue reading

Topless in Detroit 2012 – Porsche & Christian

New Porsche 911 Cabriolet At last a girl in the driving seat! Porsche has their act together or they were not sure what to do with the owners daughter? wife?.  The Porsche is a unisex car. Made for guys and dolls. I see “sophisticated elegance”. I see these sophisticated elegant Christian Louboutin Black Pointed Toe … Continue reading

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The Jeep Wave

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All the glitters IS gold

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