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Topless in London: Episode 2

So Right, Right, Right!

Toplessdriver topless in London

Two days of driving on the “left, left, left and finally destination reached. I would like to thank a “crackin” GPS  – my iPhriend’s new BFF. UK drivers were as courteous as previously mentioned, but the truck drivers need to move their loads to a train and get off the “bloody” roads.

Topless driving comes with adventures, memories and entertaining bar stories. By simply removing the roof and rolling down the windows, an ordinary day is transformed into a truly spectacular day that keeps the camera clicking.

A topless bus is a great way to see the sights in any international city. These days we watch so much of our world through a piece of glass. Whether it is a television, computer screen, mobile phone or just looking out the window. Removing the glass reminds us that what we are seeing is real. You can wave your arms with no barriers – freedom.

Being in a topless vehicle enhances the cultural ambience; smells of curry, fish and chips, the Thames and exhaust fumes. Ultimate surround sound; chimes of Big Ben, the bagpipe busker on London Bridge and the pedestrian accents from all over the world. Completing the experience is the damp cold weather, for which the UK is notorious, that gets in your bones and shivers your core; making that quinitiscial ‘cuppa’ all the more welcome.  Window shopping at its best – not just for shoes, Mercedes and Bentley‘s,  but some of the top end Christmas window displays. We could almost touch the famous Christmas street lights on Regent Street.

This topless ride was so right, right, right for a tourist to see, smell, hear and fall in love with one of the most beautiful historic cities in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Topless in London: Episode 2

  1. I feel cold, just looking at the photo of the Topless Tour Bus. I’m glad that you’re having such a fun time.

    A Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Liz XX

    Posted by lizharrisauthor | December 31, 2011, 6:23 am

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