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Santa’s Ride Behind the Star

Air, land and water

This year’s Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement is delightful. Santa opens the door to the magical place where he stores all his collectible hot red car-sleighs and waits for one to speak to him. A topless Mercedes-Benz quickly flashes its headlights with the implied “pick me” attracting Santa’s attention with a smile that reads “Of course”.

Mercedes-Benz has been in business since early 1900’s. Each car is branded with the recognizable star on the bonnet. But why the “Santa?”.

In Mercedes-Benz quest for an identifiable trademark, Paul and Adolf Daimler – the company founder’s two sons, remembered that their father, Gottlieb Daimler, had once used a star as a symbol.

Gottlieb Daimler had been technical director of the Deutz gas engine factory from 1872 until 1881. At the beginning of his employment, he had marked a star above his own house on a picture postcard of Cologne and Deutz, and had written to his wife, Emma Kunz, that this star would one day shine over his own factory to symbolize “prosperity”. From 1910 onward, a three-dimensional star adorned the radiator at the front of the car. The three-pointed star was to symbolize Daimler’s ambition of universal motorization – “on land, on water and in the air”.

Prosperity on my door

Could marketing be that clever? Or is it just a fat man selling a convertible? I want to believe – as Santa is all about believing –  that these Santa advertisements take a romantic man’s dream, into the air, with one of the most historical figures who follows a star every Christmas to spread peace on earth and good will to all men. I would definitely feel peace on earth in a red topless Mercedes-Benz at any time of the year. Thus marketing works. On the other had, I may need to cut back on the eggnog and rum.

Being a romantic and with Mr Daimler in mind, I have hung a star on my front door this holiday in hope that “prosperity” comes knocking in 2012.

Alternatively, when I pull that Trivial Pursuit question over the holidays, I will be ready to win a piece of pie for “prosperity” instead. Either way – I am ready. (P.S. I love pie).



2 thoughts on “Santa’s Ride Behind the Star

  1. I WANT that Red Mercedes too. Perhaps Santa will share?

    Posted by moi | December 25, 2011, 2:23 pm

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