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Revenge: Covertible Guilt – Part 2 – What was I thinking?

I like to watch television and sometimes, I just go with the flow with whatever is being sent to my brain without questioning.  Especially after a glass of rum and eggnog – usually wine, but the festive season is upon me. (Additionally, a couple of glasses of Merlot said Jack was on the Titanic).

In reflection of my earlier post Revenge: Convertible Guilt « toplessdrivers. What was I thinking? Mr Grayson gave a $200,000 Mercedes to Mrs Grayson because Mrs Grayson caught her husband, Mr Grayson, having an affair.

I’ll tell you what I am thinking – I need to test this out. Is this a normal reaction when you discover your husband of 25 years is having an affair? “Honey, I am having an affair – so here, have a new car“. Most people just turn to the self-help sites for the answer, or in Mrs Grayson’s case, fork out lots of expensive pennies for the “therapist”. Oh wait – Mrs Grayson doesn’t have a therapist anymore because the therapist was REVENGED in an earlier episode. Bye, bye Dr. Banks. No one is safe on this show. I shiver just writing about it.

Note to husband: Red, white or eggnog?

Aston Martin DBS Volante

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