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Revenge: Convertible Guilt

Guilty Pleasure - Gift of a Car

This fall premiered a new series on television called “Revenge”. The show is evil. I cannot watch it without clenching my butt muscles for the 60 minutes it dares to show.

In the episode called “Guilt” Season 1 | Episode 105 | Aired 10/19/2011 – Mr Grayson gives Mrs Grayson, of the Hamptons, a brand new Mercedes worth $200,000 US. (Read the next part very quickly) The car was given to Mrs Grayson out of guilt, as Mrs Grayson caught Mr Grayson having an affair. Mr Grayson asks Mrs Grayson over the phone what Mrs Grayson thinks of the car, to receive the answer from Mrs Grayson “What car?”. Subsequently the Grayson’s daughter signs for the car in their mansions lobby and takes the keys and drives on into town. Mrs Grayson never sees the car. Daughter never gets grounded.  (Breathe. Resume normal reading speed)

This gift of a topless car is never visited again throughout this episode. When you have such disposable cash, is this how you give expensive luxury gifts? Does money make you “numb and blind”?. It’s sad that Mr G wasn’t there to give the car to Mrs G in person. Didn’t he know what time the car was being dropped off? Where were the squeals of delight, a big huge bow, kisses and hugs and lots of video footage for YouTube that captures the moment forever?

Mr & Mrs Grayson - Don't follow me

If you give a car for Christmas, web browse YouTube for some of the best ways and ideas to give a car – any car. Even if you are “numb and blind” at least use your acting skills to try and be excited! Even if Mrs Grayson had seen the car, it probably wouldn’t have been the right colour to go with her wardrobe anyway, and trust me, you do not want to be on Mrs Grayson’s bad side.

More about Revenge go to;




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