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Mario Drives Topless Too!

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Oh toplessdriver is in heaven this week with the unveiling of two real Mario Karts at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Topless driving is a real and virtual experience these days.

How many nights have I played this game with the family? Always winning on Baby Park and being royally beaten on Rainbow Road (I can barely stay on the track)?
This is absolute proof that topless cars are fun, fun, fun. And fun for the whole family. But in expressing my joy, I never get to drive Mario (audience sighs). The boys say that I have to drive a girls car “coz” I am a girl – WHAT? I am always Peaches. But how quickly they forget that I am driving a guy’s car – Dad’s car – every day! Catch me if you can (throws red shell)?

Whether you drive topless on a screen or you drive one for real – it is undeniable that it is so much fun.  We love driving topless and so does Mario and Luigi.  We welcome him with open arms and a thrown banana or two.

Both karts have electric motors, run at 30 mph to 35 mph and will be given away during the launch of the new game in December. Yup – you heard it here – NEW GAME IN DECEMBER.  I am quickly adding the karts to my letter to Santa and the wish to one day drive Mario’s Kart, virtual or real.

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4 thoughts on “Mario Drives Topless Too!

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