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Got 43:26 Minutes to Spare?

Got 43:26 Minutes to Spare?

Discovery Channel’s “History of the Jeep”. Time well spent. Well, 43:26 minutes driving your jeep may be a better use of time especially if you have a rockin’ playlist. Driving your jeep topless is a huge bonus to your 43:26 minutes cruising action. But while some of us are waiting for the snow to melt … Continue reading

What we are going to do for you?

All shirts are on. This is a fun blog about driving vehicles with the top down or anything we see that inspires us about convertibles and topless vehicles. Its family friendly. We talk about jeeps, convertibles, car shows, what to wear when driving without a roof, movies, television shows, celebrities, road trips, toys, bugs etc. Come join our ride.

It’s not always what you think

Whatever it takes. Drive Topless!

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I am an autodidact! Totally cool!
"I am too young to be this old" Steven Tyler
My father use to say that there was no need to be scared of flying as they haven't left one up there yet!
Thoughts of a Blogger " I stepped outside once and the graphics were crap"
My son said "Mum you are addicted to blogging" as he turned and walked back to play World of Warcraft.
Four words you never want to hear "That will not flush".
Apparently I am funny, green & topless. Does this mean I am related to Kermit the Frog?
"I am far too busy working to do any work!"

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Jeep Rules!

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Gosh I hope Robert drives a jeep?


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